Discount Appliance Package

Discount Appliance Package : India Kitchen Appliances.

Discount Appliance Package

discount appliance package


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discount appliance package – Philips Sonicare

Philips Sonicare Elite (E-Series) Replacement Brush Head, Standard (2-Pack), Package may vary
Philips Sonicare Elite (E-Series) Replacement Brush Head, Standard (2-Pack), Package may vary
For use with Advance, Elite and Essence Series handles only. E-Series: Slim, angled neck, tapered brush head, and contour-fit bristles; Gets into hard-to-reach areas for optimal results. NEW: e Series brush heads are also compatible with Sonicare Advance Handles

For optimum cleaning performance, electric toothbrush heads should be replaced every six months. This set of two replacement brush heads fits Elite series Sonicare handles. Each head features a slim, angled neck and tapered brush with contour-fit, extra-soft bristles for gentle yet deep cleaning. –Ann Bieri

Keep your Sonicare Elite toothbrush operating the way it was intended with Sonicare Elite-2 Replacement Brush Heads. Unlike other brands, Sonicare has created brush heads that provide six months of effective cleaning. Their precise combination of soft, extra-soft and super-soft end-rounded bristles ensure deep, yet gentle cleaning.
The Importance of Replacing Your Brush Heads
Brush heads are extremely important to the effectiveness of your Sonicare. Recent clinical studies show that after six months of use, a Sonicare brush head becomes less able to clean the plaque from your teeth. That is why we recommend replacing your brush heads every six months, regardless of whether they show wear. Sonicare replacement brushes are the only brushes on the market designed to last the full six months. So remember to track the life of your brush head and replace it as scheduled — even if it doesn’t appear worn.
What’s in the Box
Two Sonicare Elite brush heads for Elite models.

The felt mouse green package…

The felt mouse green package...
The package of many goods, each item is great!

I just love the special fabric, and all the green buttons…..They will go directly to production line of the lost yeti production…hehe

and check out the lovely pin cushion elf…

Thanks felt mouse!! I love it!! All of it…

The Packages factory Polluting the Air

The Packages factory Polluting the Air
The Packages factory sending noxious fumes all over the city. The fumes could be smelled a 1,000 ft up in the plane. DHA is in the background.

October, 2009.
Nikon D200. Nikkor 18-200mm VR @ 18mm.
Exposure: 1/180s @ f7.1.
ISO: 200

discount appliance package

discount appliance package

StrongLite - CDP-96 - Classic Deluxe Package Massage Table, Head Rest and Carry Case - Blue - Standard
Introducing the StrongLite CDP-96 Classic Deluxe Package Massage Table, Head Rest and Carry Case – Blue – Standard, featured in our Massage Tables department. This product generally ships within 7 business day(s) from Cottage Grove, Oregon, and weighs 34 pound(s). This 30″ Classic Deluxe Massage Table with Reiki endplates and Shiatsu option by Stronglite is both lightweight and tough. Weighing only 34 pounds the Classic Deluxe massage table was designed for the massage therapists in the office, on a house-call or in the home. The Classic Deluxe offers solid construction, innovative features and a great price. Included in the package is the Classic Deluxe Massage Table, the Double Action Plus Face Rest, and the Carrying Case.